As we are living in 21st century world where technology plays a vital role in our day to day life. Our demands also grow as our lifestyle changes.we demad a better looking house n here comes the role of interior designs.In the present scenario a good looking home also refreshes our mind when we reach home at night tired of our work n after seeing the colors,wallpapers on the wall makes us feel happy.As people nowdays demand to live in a more comfortable way,the demand of interior designs hence increases day by day.

Here,come my APP interior designers which will not only help in finding different designs but gives us the true imagination of how will it looks like in real.The app has many features like we can textures,wallpapers,n many more.I will discuss everything later.This APP if freely available on google play store as well as available for ios app will provide many features like we can rotate n fix any table things 360 degree which enables users to see the real pic of how they look.The very unique feature of my app is that we can change the color of our walls by simply clicking one pic.This app not only provide the ideas of wall papers but also tells how our room looks like.There is plenty amount of new ideas present which is free.

A personal account is necessary for the app as it provides users with an opportunity to switch between different devices and not to be afraid that the data might get lost.after downloading the app u will get 4 options:Home owner,designer,dealer,contractor/painter


Whether u r revamping ur room,switch up ur homes layout or u just want to see which colors look better.before u go back trouble of buying new furniture or possibly hiring interior decorators,my interior design app let u play around ur existing place and generate ideas for future app will provide features like decorating quandry,we can also talk to our personal interior designers as there are many contacts of it,it has a helpful hub to reference when comparing different contractors ratings and average costs as well.There is also a very unique feature in my app that user can trace the designers,decorators when they need to do.E verything in this app is free only hiring of interior designers,decorators will cost u n its even less than the market cost,so its cheap n best.It will provide u all the details of the interior designers such as their graduation,how much they are experienced etc.

An average amount of time for developing a interior designers app starts from 6 months.however,project timing depends on numerous factors,including the platform targeted(iOS and Android),the app’s feature,and the type of app which is being build.Every decorative idea,n every thing which makes ur home beautiful is all free.The business model include partnering with interior decorators,as it also provide employement to all the talented designers,decorators.The major revenue for this app comes from the advertisement which will be seen when u open the app.But our advertisement is not disturbing as it is small in size n in corner of the screen.The app lets users to take a picture of their space and completely re-outfit with furniture art n décor pieces.The items u love the most can even be purchased through the app.When u will select the items to be purchased a systemetic list of items along with its price will be shown n total amount also. For style questions that have u truly stuck,u can crowd source the answer to ur dcor dilemma by asking the active decorator community what they think.Before u call in an architect or interior designers,it’s helpul to have an idea of changes u want to make it in your space.planner 5D is an feature in my app that allows u to create 2D or 3D photorealistic renderings of ur home.U can start creating ur home renderings with limited selections of furnishings or u can gain access to the full catalog by subscribing.The monthly subscription cost is 250 ruppees only.There is tremendous amount of feature present in our app which will makes ur house besutifull.u don’t need to go anywhere just sit in ur house open the app,and feel the true imagination of ur home.For those in the midst of renovation or redecoration,the Magic plan features in my app lets u keep all your home’s measurement literally in ur back pocket.Some users say it might take a few tries to get the hang of inputting the information,but the app’s intuitive design n easy instructions make a total

must-have for the in progress home.Magic plan feature gives u the choice to design one floor at a time for only 150 ruppees. Or created unlimited plans for 1000 ruppees.


The research study covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global interior design software market 2017–2021.the market is segmented based on application and geography.Increased government initiative for promoting construction and real-estateworldwide contributed to the growth of the global interior design software market.India have led to an increased growth of residential apartments.Space constraints have become a huge issue and the customers n real estate developers rely on these interior designers to make small rooms more attractive and spacious by the judicious allocation of space.Interior designer software with the help of advanced graphics and renderings provides an accurate view of interiors.This help architects n designers to design the room and present it to the customers.The growth of smartphones n tablets such as iPAD has led to an increasing demand for interior design apps for mobile OS such as iOS and Android.


There are lots of ways to market interior design business but for 2020,the new year calls for new strategies.Here are some strategies listed below:











Digital transformation is redefining design in every sector.There isn’t a profession or practice that’s not being radically changed by the move to digital design technologies.The fundamental impact of this transformation is to bring together people,data and processes in new and innovative ways creating values for both clients n end users.My app is built on java programming language.It uses the 5th artificial intelligence,point cloud,virtual technology(VR),Augmented reality(AR) ,building information modelling(BMI),3D printing.These many type of technologies are there in my app.


In my dream project of making this APP,there is ofcourse a little risk factor as lots of money is invested in my APP.My biggest challenge is to make this APP popular.For this I have a strategy of marketing,advertising my APP on social media,newspaper,you tube.My app is so unique in the market,there are no competitors.The second biggest challenge will be to win the trust of the people,n suggestions are open hearted welcomed by the users for betterment of this app.I can challenge that no app has been made in market with this much of features in one single app.however,because of soo much feature this app is large in size 150 MB.But its not that too much large.




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